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Dandelion Parachute Seed

how I will answer this day

Mary came to me as she was moving through one of the most tender stages of life and ready to reclaim herself. This is an excerpt from her poem, “How I Will Answer This Day.”

Not shy about this breaking of skin 

on the surface of my soul.

Not heavy about the lightness of rising.

Not silent about the loudness of becoming.


I will not disappear into the pain of what has already been.

I will not listen to the bad advice of obligation.


“I was in a turbulent period in my life and commissioned a poem. cin and I worked together to unweave facets of my story, cin transforming my distress into beautiful hopefulness. I revisit the poem to remember my bravery in the face of change. I am grateful for cin’s gifts.”


• Mary B

cin salach poemgrown
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