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a forest
cin, the poet

splitting the world open

a four-week online workshop to give you a sacred space
to find your voice & write your truth

“What would happen if one woman

told the truth about her life?

The world would split open.”

• Muriel Rukeyser     

during each of the four, two-hour intensive writing sessions, you will have a supported space to listen, focus, write, witness and be witnessed as a writer. to allow any tightness in your throat and heart to soften and release the words, poem, essay, story, book waiting to come out of you.


offered only three times per year,

this workshop is for all genres and all levels.


interested in

signing up?

cin salach, the poet
  • You have a story you can’t get off your mind, but don’t know how to start.

  • You have a story you need to tell, but don’t feel safe telling it.

  • You have a story you’ve already written but aren’t sure if it’s ready to split the world open.

  • You’re a woman who doesn’t have time to write.

  • You’re a parent who doesn’t have time to write.

  • You’re a writer who doesn’t have time to write.

“splitting the world open” testimonials…

“The virtual space that cin provided and expertly led was safe, nurturing, and fostered an intimate, beautiful writing community that I will always treasure. The four weeks under her gentle guidance allowed me to go deep and write healing words that had been trapped for decades. I encourage every woman with a yearning to write to bless yourself with this experience.” ~ JG.


“Whatever you’re doing…it works! I see my disparate stories becoming a book.
The magic that happens at your table drives actual results!” ~ EH


“cin’s warm energy, thoughtful feedback and vigorous support of her students’ work makes it easy to be vulnerable and honest in a way that can sometimes feel difficult. cin naturally fosters a sense of community and kinship.” ~ MK

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