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Dandelion Parachute Seed


When Sarah came to me, she was going to be a mom THE NEXT DAY. Her sister was her gestational surrogate, and she wanted to say “thank you” BIG. This is an excerpt from her poem, “Alyssa.”

Each day this boy is in my arms I will breathe in gratitude for him

and for you, your body, his perfect first home.

For this beginning which is so much new and so much familiar.

Our circle of family as natural as breathing.

In you, I see all that I want my son to know: How to be true to himself, whoever that may be. Because whoever that may be, he is my son. And he is my son because of you.


He is my son because of love.


“Working with cin was amazing. After sharing our story, she had great questions that allowed me to provide additional context and round it out so that she really understood the history as well as the soul of my sister. It was an easy process and I felt so safe sharing the details with her. In the end, cin gave us the loveliest poem which is framed and hanging in my sister's house.”

• Sarah Palmer

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