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frost and feathers

Becca won a commissioned poem in a silent auction and asked me to write a poem for her daughter’s seventh birthday, inspiring me to create poemgrown. This is an excerpt from her poem “Frost and Feathers.”

Julia, your joy is catching.

I am catching your joy as you throw it around the room, skipping

toward the day, toward this particular morning, and the frost

that is trying so hard to be snow.


Today, the first day of your 8th year,

harmony is born in you. The music you hear

is the world singing you.


You are named after your great-grandma, Julia.

All that I love about her is in you.

Her farm, her knitting.

The home of her.


listen to

    “frost and feathers”

“cin sat with me and listened intently as I painted a verbal picture of our daughter, about to turn seven. cin wove the details of the stories I told and captured the essence of Julia so beautifully. In a culture where ‘stuff’ comes and goes with very little thought and appreciation, it was a deeply gratifying process to work with cin and have her create something so personal and lasting.”

• Becca

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