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exactly safe

Susan wanted to express to her transgender son how deeply seen and loved they were. A poem that acknowledged how even when some things change, other things, like a mother’s love, never do. This is an excerpt from their poem, “Exactly Safe.”

You are 24. Shaping

adulthood will get easier. But

it’s a big learning curve. Ask any adult.


As you explore, there is something

I want you to know:

A mother’s arms are infinite.


They are both map and beacon, and

when you are inside them, where you are

is exactly right. Exactly safe.

coming back home

“Collaborating with cin to create a poem for my now 30-year-old son was a moving experience. She deftly crafted my answers to her questions to create a poem that was lyrical and deeply personal. I gave one copy to my son on his birthday. I liked it so much that I framed another for myself!”

cin salach poemgrown

• Susan Shaeffer

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