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ner tamid

Karen wanted a poignant and powerful way to celebrate her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah—to bring together her community of family and friends and surround her with their joy. This is an excerpt from her poem, “Ner Tamid” which means “eternal light” in Hebrew.

Flexible traveler, encourager of creativity,

you are fearless in what you believe.

Fearless in your ability to look at both sides

and hold them each within the truth of light.


You insist on solution, and you persist toward solution

and they are the strongest of wings, those two things.

They will carry you far into this life.


Your belief in love, even when

others try to convince you otherwise,

inspires us when we are next to you.

So we always want to be next to you.

coming of age

“Working on the special Bat Mitzvah poem for my daughter with cin was one of the easiest and most fun parts of planning the celebration. Together we created a vision for the poem, and she took it from there, emailing questions to and gathering responses from all the different people I suggested as collaborators. The final poem is such a beautiful blend of all the different stories and sentiments about my daughter at this milestone of her life.”

• Karen Lewis

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