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Dandelion Parachute Seed

our Maine man

Eight family members came together to collaborate on this poem to remember Joe, an unforgettable human who filled each of their lives with so much love. This is an excerpt from his poem “Our Maine Man.”

When I think of you, you’re laughing,

or you’re swooning over Mom.


Or both. Mostly both.

You made the world a better place.


There was no such thing as a stranger

when you were around.


Your happiness changed a room.

You understood how people ticked, and


that kindness made them tick better.


“cin has a rare poetic talent, the soul of an artist, and a gentle, giving spirit. When my husband passed away, cin created a poem about him to be read at his memorial service. Family members were encouraged to submit snippets about “Poppi” from which she created a heartfelt, heartwarming, personal tribute. This was an immeasurable gift to my family and me and helped us all say goodbye to the man we loved.”

• Gail Collier

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