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family becomes you

When your parents are about to celebrate 60 years of marriage, the whole family needs to come together and surround them with love. That’s what Trish and her siblings did in their poem, “Family Becomes You.”

It was the summer of 1954 and I do filled your future.

Two. Shining. Faith-filled. Love was your path and


following it, the heart and soul of your family grew strong

under the roof of 16 Heather Lane, our childhood address,


cowbell calling us home to a Formica table overflowing with

elbows, life, and tuna casserole. Lefties at the corners,


you at the heads, Pluto, then Tessa, happy at our feet.

You anchored our lives with crepes after swim practice,


before-work coaching sessions, slippery slide, kick the can,

telephone booth privacy and a hot tub under the stars.

family portrait

“While we knew our reflections when artfully put into form by cin would be a meaningful gift for my parents, what we didn’t anticipate was the process of reflection that cin asked us to engage in, in and of itself, becoming the gift. Her questions elicited a treasure trove of memories, many of which we did not know the other sibling held dear. The experience offered us a deeper understanding of what was important to one another and drew our family closer in the most profound way.”

• Trish Tullman

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