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cin salach and poemgrown

commissioned poems written in collaboration with you, your life, your occasion.

“Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.”

• Patricia Campbell Carlson     

to my great fortune, as a very young child,

I discovered that poetry lives in the space between grief and gratitude,

reminding us that love is at the heart of them both.


as humans, we navigate these spaces every moment of every day.

sometimes soaring between them. often stumbling.


but I had a childhood secret.

I knew poems could help my heart fly

at the times when it most wanted to crawl.

I knew poems could say out loud

what often felt impossible to find words for.


I knew poetry could heal, and love could win.

my name is cin salach.

I grow poems so you can reap love.


welcome to poemgrown.

may you wander here long enough 

to find something that moves your soul to love.


“Occasional poetry is the highest kind.”

• Goethe  

occasional poetry was a significant form of expression

in ancient Greek and Roman culture.

when there was a birth, a death, a wedding, a victory,

a poet was hired to mark the occasion.

poemgrown seeks to bring back the importance

of honoring your life’s moment with a poem

commissioned exclusively to mark the occasion.

how to grow a poem

step 1
we plant the seed

step 2

your poem takes root

we connect—over tea, email, on the phone,

in person, or virtually.
I ask you questions, and you tell me

about your person or your occasion.
I listen and take notes.

I write and send you the first draft.

is anything not feeling absolutely perfect?

I write again.

want to grow your poem even further?

step 3

your poem is grown

the final version of your poem is sent to you.

cin salach poemgrown
cin salach poemgrown scrolled poem gift a poem


wordhaven poetry workshop, cin salach


a sacred & powerful virtual

writing community for women

splitting the world open poetry workshop, cin salach

splitting the world open

a virtual four-week

writing workshop

remembering ourselves workshop, cin salach

remembering ourselves

a workshop for humans

with dementia

why I wake early poetry workshop, cin salach

why i wake early

a writing workshop to empower aging with purpose


want to grow a little more love in your life?

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