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Daisy Flowers

simple somonka

Mary Margaret

(aka Laughing Grandma)

for mom

   Laughing, you taught us

to follow our dreams laughing.

   Tell the truth, laughing.

Eat popcorn, and live the path

our passions take us, laughing.


   There’s time to grow old!

Let today be for children, 

   grandchildren, mountains 

outside your window. Let it

be for fire in the fireplace.




   Mom, because of you 

we cherish language. Books. French. 

   We live with wonder.

We have the power to see 

with the spirit of a child.


   Your kindness ripples 

far past the shores of family.

   You shaped our lives with

a smile that never got tired. 

This poem is our love, laughing.


written by cin salach, and commissioned by Karyn and Sam

for Mary (Mom) on the occasion of extraordinary love, December 2016

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