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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Ms. Donkel, I wish you a door

Ms. Donkel, I wish you a door.


I wish you love and guardian angels that I love, loving doggies and

kitties and birds and everything in the whole wide world. 


Except giants, acorns, and flowers.


I wish you a big brown truck and a treasure chest. I wish you polka dots all over you!

I wish that you can be a teacher forever if you want.


I wish you would be my teacher forever.


I wish you flowers and popcorn and ice cream and chocolate, a cabinet filled

with paintings that you can travel into, a beautiful loom to weave and weave,


Ms. Donkel, I wish you flowers in a pot.


I wish you a kitty cat. And beautiful hearts, and a happy birthday and I love you!

And I like being at school! 


I always have a good time at school!


Ms. Donkel, I’m happy you’re my teacher. You play games, you like singing,

and you tell stories that are good. 


I like the funny Mr. Kane stories.


Ms. Donkel, I hope you will find lots of moose this summer and a boat. 

And I wish for you to go to the pool with Matthew and Annie and then go out to dinner.


Happy Birthday Ms. Donkel, Happy Birthday!


with love from your early childhood students:

Grace, Bella, Truman, Ameyalli, Sarah, Becca,

Willa, Zolan, Leo Salach, Gianna, Leo Stover, Eoin,

Max, Reagan, Lena and Lulu… March 2013

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