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Image by Annie Spratt

how we learn

Through our bones, our voices, our skin, 

our actions. With love, with a plan. 

Independent. Surrounded. With help 

and with letting go. With joy.


Dear School, 

I witness my children becoming 

people I want to know, and I know 

they learned this from you. 


You have prompted and pushed. 

Modeled, mused. You are safe, 

like arms. Home, when they are not.


Your practiced path has led them 

from two to perfect. As in perfectly able. 

Perfectly compassionate. Perfectly


ready. I am witness to this twice. 

First a son, now a daughter. Both 

leave your doors perfectly themselves, 


their path secure within them. 

“Of all things love is the most potent.”

Dear Maria Montessori, thank you. 


Near North Montessori, thank you.

Through our hearts, our hands, our

spirit. With gratitude for this path. 


With faith. With many. With ourselves. 

And always, always, with love. 

This is how we learn.


written by cin salach, commissioned by Carla Mayer,

on the occasion of Stella’s 8th grade graduation from Near North Montessori

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